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      World Class Jerky™ our passion and dedication is to produce the world's finest quality beef jerky.  Starting with the freshest ingredients, an old secret family recipe dating back 3 decades of special spices and natural flavorings has been carefully crafted. 

Next we only use grain fed Wisconsin beef that is U.S.D.A. inspected to ensure only the finest beef brisket is used in our beef jerky.  Then to insure full flavor the brisket is dry aged like the finest steaks and marinated for 24 hours in special spices and natural flavorings.  We finish, by making sure that there are no added preservatives in our World Class Jerky no MSG, or Sodium Nitrite and now our beef jerky is Gluten free. We would not want our family eating these harmful preservatives and we consider all our customers, our family as well. 

We only use natural preservatives including lemon juice, honey and brown sugar, to ensure freshness.  Delivering world class jerky to our customers!  Rasing the bar is why World Class Jerky™ is the world's best beef jerky.

    Order World Class Jerky™ and enjoy wherever you find yourself in life's journey today.

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